Plant-based diet has been gaining ground in Singapore in recent years. However, the popularity has not yet caught on strongly, and the trend is similar around the world.

So, what’s stopping people from adopting a plant-based diet?

Common perceptions are, a plant-based diet is either inconvenient, nutritionally imbalanced or too bland and boring.

An initiative by Tzu Chi Singapore, the Veg Forward Project is here to bust the above myths and shed some light on how a plant-based diet can be appealing for a variety of reasons.    

A plant-based diet is actually far from being inconvenient, nutritionally imbalanced or uninteresting, it is actually easier than you thought to give up on meat. Besides, there are many good reasons for you to adopt a plant-based diet.


For Better Health

A balanced plant-based diet can keep you physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.


Care for the Environment

A meat-free diet can help reduce environmental damages caused by meat consumption.


Respect for Life

Going meatless is the most direct way to show love and respect for animals.


Eating may seem as an ordinary thing we do daily, but small action leads to big changes when more of us opt for a better diet choice. Moving forward, let’s make our every bite count!