The wonderful times I have with my breakfast

On a Sunday morning, I gave up the opportunity to laze in bed and got up early to prepare my breakfast. To be honest, if it wasn’t because of Circuit Breaker, I wouldn't have stayed in the kitchen for so long. My usual breakfast is simply a cup of instant beverage or bread with spread, and the dishwashing only takes ten minutes or so. Now, this unexpected “happiness” (the luxury of being able to spend time to cook at home) has allowed me to pick up my kitchen tools again to prepare food.

I opened the refrigerator to select the needed ingredients and then I started washing, cutting, and plating them nicely. I enjoy preparing the ingredients in an orderly manner before beginning to cook, because it is a therapeutic process to me. I like to have a combination of fruits and vegetables of different colours too, reason being that these different colours of ingredients make the food looks more appealing and delicious to my eyes.   

Just like the sandwiches that I prepared the other day, I would think of how to "design" the breakfast, such as how to match the colours and enhance the texture. So, I sandwiched a combo of ingredients such as avocado, mashed sweet potatoes, alfalfa sprouts and eggs between the two slices of bread. Of course, simple sandwiches require some creativity as well to add charm to the food. The moment I took a bite, I could taste a variety of flavours subtly exuded in the mouth, both sweet and salty. And this is how I realized what tasting is about, bit by bit, tasting our food slowly and mindfully.