Food that improve my mood – Salad and soya bean milk

The current pandemic situation has resulted in me being very busy, and it is rare that I am able to have a rest day. On this fine Sunday afternoon, I decided to give myself a treat to have a break from my hectic work schedule. And so, I made up my mind to find a space to relax.

I initially planned to go to a café, however, I was undecided on which one to go to as they were all equally enticing. I ended up going to a vegetarian restaurant and ordered a plate of salad and a glass of sugar free soya bean milk. The vegetable in the salad was crisp, accompanying it was the richness of the taste of the soya beans in the soya bean milk. Not only was the food I had delicious, but it was nutritious as well.

Having consumed a vegetarian meal made me feel a step closer to nature. This kind of opportunity is rare to come by, and I really appreciate it.