Finding other joy in plant-based food beyond just eating

Truffle ramen from Elemen Classic (Great World City)

My family turned vegetarian for religious reasons when I was eight years old and I simply followed. Without an intrinsic motivation, I found it a struggle to maintain my veg diet during my growing years; there were moments of doubt but somehow, I did not waver. I am glad so, as my veg diet has brought positive changes to my life, including bringing me a blissful marriage after I met my husband at a veg potluck party and we have a son now.

Another positive change is my personal interest to be a vegetarian blogger in Instagram. It brings me immense satisfaction to shoot and post well-crafted food photos/reviews to update the veg community and to entice non-veg community to try those exciting meatless options.

I believe going meatless is not about all or nothing; it makes a difference to one's health, the animals and our planet just to go meatless for a day or even a meal. I am so happy to see more exciting plant-based options such as Impossible meat, Quorn, Beyond meat as well as other future meat options initiated by organisations such as the Green Monday.

I am actually a very tamjiak (gluttony) girl as I grew up under a chef mum who used to run a veg food business. My favourite pastime now is to explore exciting veg options, shoot and post them. Seen in the photos are two of my personal favourites: Veg mala tang (麻辣烫) from Nature Vegetarian Delights (大自然) and truffle ramen from Elemen Classic (Great World City).

For more food ideas, feel free to check out my Instagram: tamjiak_veggiez.

Vegetarian mala pot from Nature Vegetarian Delights