DIY Veggie Hand Roll

Fresh vegetable hand roll is one of my favourite western breakfast. The required ingredients are thin flatbread, lettuce, shredded carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, shredded egg, enoki mushroom, burdock floss and sesame sauce. You can decide on the ingredients to make your hand roll since you are preparing it yourself.

Fresh vegetable hand rolls are easy to make. First, spread all the fillings on a thin flatbread, drizzle some sesame sauce, and wrap it firmly into a roll. Next, place it on a frying pan and slightly fry it to increase the crisp of the crust.

When fresh vegetables meet egg and crispy enoki mushrooms, each bite gives you an endless aftertaste and it is addictive! Making homemade vegetarian food gives me extraordinary sense of accomplishment, because as long as the ingredients are fresh, it is almost impossible to fail.