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Pledge & Go Programme aims to create awareness among the public on how our every meal matters to the environment. To put thoughts into action, we are encouraging people to make a pledge to go meatless in order to liberate life and show our love for mother nature.

To encourage more people to be part of this movement, we are partnering with plant-based eateries to enable participants to collect points for dining at these participating eateries!


What do we hope to accomplish through the Pledge & Go Programme?

  • Forge & Maintain ongoing partnerships with local and international organisations and food groups.

  • Raise awareness on how deeply intertwined our way of life is with the health of the planet, and specifically, the changes in climate generated by factory farming.

  • Inspire compassion for all sentient beings and care for animal welfare through expanding one’s awareness of the ways in which our societies raise, buy, and consume food.

  • Advocate the adoption of a plant-based diet as a permanent lifestyle.


Benefits of Joining

We ensure the following benefits for our partners:

Expansion of Brand Awareness for your Restaurant / Products
Website feature: Logo placement on our Veg Forward website. 
Potential promotion of your brand on Veg Forward’s social media platforms, which have a strong volunteer base.

Promotion of Your Content across our social media channels and newsletters to a growing audience base that currently stands at 32,000.

Expansion of Client Base
Research shows that 39% of Singapore’s population are now identified as flexitarian. By joining this Pledge & Go Programme, you can attract the growing pool of plant-based customers.

Potential Documentary Video Coverage

Make Change Happen
There is no better way to reduce one’s environmental impact than switching to a plant-based diet. By joining this Pledge & Go Programme, your restaurant can take pride in its initiative that helps reduce carbon emissions.


How Pledge & Go Programme Works

F&B Outlet 

  • Place QR Code at your cashier counter for point collection.
  • Encourage and assist your customers to take part in this programme.


  • After becoming registered, just scan the QR Code to start accumulating points.


4 Steps to Becoming Our Point Awarding Partner

Step 1
Your F&B outlet (stall, restaurant, bakery etc.) serves plant-based food or your menu contains at least three plant-based dishes.

Step 2
Fill in the registration form to indicate how you would like to take part in this programme, provide your contact details and a description of your restaurant.

Step 3
Upon confirmation, place the partnership logo at your counter to help customers identify your outlet as one of the Pledge & Go partners that offers plant-based food.

Step 4
Start promoting Pledge & Go Programme and your discount offer through your promotional channels (including but not limited to website, social media platforms, and newsletters).

Register as partner

Programme duration: 15 Oct 2020 – 31 Dec 2021


Other Ways to Get Involved: Reward Provider

Join as our Reward Partner by offering discounts to participating customers. There are currently 3 different reward levels. You may choose to give either or all 5%, 10% and 15% discount. Your support is important to us as it will boost determination of those who are switching to a plant-based diet.

We look forward to your participation to reward individuals who choose to go meatless as this would further encourage more to join the ranks of vegetarians or vegans.

Only the following e-cardholders are entitled to the discounts
Customer to present any of the following e-cards to the participating F&B outlet to enjoy a discount of 5%, 10% or 15%. This discount can be used multiple times.

Reward Level Earned points  Entitled discounts 
Animals Liberator

30 5%
Nature Saviour

100 10%
Earth Sustainer

300 15%

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