Contrary to the common perception that meatless meals are inconvenient, nutritionally imbalanced or too bland and boring, plant-based diet has been a food trend in recent years, 

If you have never explored this “territory” of food before, why not join us to discover what the plant-based diet industry has to offer us?

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Don’t know where to find veggie-licious food? Here are some of our recommendations for you!
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Find out what some professionals and experts have to say about plant-based diet.
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Clueless on how to make your plant-based dishes tastier? Fret not, we have got you covered here with a handful of recipes for a fun and enjoyable cooking experience.
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Miso Carbonara


See how the journey of adopting a plant-based diet has transformed the lives of these vegans/vegetarians.
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We have given up on meat,
and life has only got better since.
  • testimonials annie ching

    I became a vegetarian because I want to have healthier food. Going vegetarian makes me calmer and happier. I always share with people about the benefits of vegetarianism. Now, I'm happy to have a vegetarian family.

    - Anne Ching (Nurse)

  • testimonials clarafu

    17 years ago, I had the rare opportunity to observe a medical autopsy class, and it struck me really hard that living creatures have flesh and blood, just like humans. After that, I decided to become a full-fledged vegetarian.

    - Clara Fu (Teacher)

  • testimonials ho eu chin

    I decided to become vegetarian as I could no longer reconcile mankind’s fallacious assignment of sentient-beings to be either worthy of our care and compassion or for slaughter as food.

    - Dr Ho Eu Chin (ENT Specialist)

  • testimonials limkimyan

    I became a vegetarian when I attended the 2011 TIMA convention in Taiwan. I no longer crave for meat because it aches me seeing chickens displayed in rows at chicken rice stalls. Always reflect how I would feel if I were one of them.

    - Lim Kim Yan (Nurse)

  • testimonials bernard ng jiahan

    It is easy to replenish the nutrient gap of plant-based diet, it is difficult to excrete the toxin of meat-based diet. The higher your food-chain hierarchy, the more toxin will bio-accumulate in our body. Think of those toxins, go meatless.

    - Bernard Ng Jia Han (Media)

  • testimonials wongcheewan

    Diet change is a big deal and a challenge. Becoming a vegetarian has helped me see and feel things from a different perspective. I have also learned to control my desire, be more compassionate and grateful and also be more giving.

    - Wong Chee Wan (IT Specialist)

  • testimonials edwin lim

    Many are surprised I am Christian AND vegetarian. My reasons, other than for health, are spiritual and ethical, including a deep concern for God's creatures! Plus saving Mother Earth!

    - Dr Edwin Lim (Medical Consultant)

  • testimonials leong foon leng

    I started to become vegetarian due to digestive problem. Initially, i had plant based diet only during lunch, step by step meatless meals half year later and my digestive system improved."

    - Leong Foon Leng (Nurse)